The Artwork

The artwork on this blog was created by the phenomenally talented, Jermaine Powell.

A full frame of the artwork featured on my home page is below and is the cover for the 2016 compilation of Meechie Mail.  It features images representing aspects of the 2016 letters, my life, my experiences, and my writing … maybe yours too!

The bottom right image was the first one Jermaine produced for my first essay collection, And Labels to Bear Before I Die.  It features images of women representing labels I bear.

And, my blue-haired beauty, Creativity, was created by Jermaine in my honor!

From Jermaine’s FB page:  I want to say thank you all for the support and sales this year. To celebrate, I am unveiling a new series, THE DEFINITION OF… where I will celebrate some of the stories, lessons, wisdom and insights I’ve received from…#YOU so 🕶👁look out.     #THEDEFINITIONOF Creativity is my fiend Maria. She has really inspired me to take my artwork to new levels with her writing and ideas. She even let me paint her daughter’s closet doors with bee and butterflies. She also is a great mother and has the coolest hair! Over the years she has supported what I’ve done for over 10 years. ——😄Thank You Maria for who you are and what you do and everyone who is #creative.

Please take a moment to check out more of Jermaine’s work.

He can be reached on Facebook, Jermaine Powell; or, online at

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