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I am so honored to have my essay, Quien Te Peino, published in a newly released anthology,  Peinate:  Hair Battles Between Latina Mothers & Daughters.

This continues to be a dream come true and I thank all you for your ongoing support of my writing and me!

Check out my reading at the launch in Word Up Community Bookstore in Washington, Heights, here.

You can pick up your copy of the anthology here .


From the editor, Raquel Penzo:

We can’t imagine a bigger conflict in a Latinx household than that between a mother and a daughter, over hair! This anthology includes stories, poems and essays about the fights, insecurities, identity issues, and acceptance in relation to our hair, and how it shapes those vital familial bonds. Featuring Sarah Serrano; Adeline Yllanes; Theresa Varela; Tania Lambert; Elaine Nadal; Gaudys Laxury; Lupe Ruiz-Flores; Tina Marie Dominguez; Connie Pertuz-Meza; Kayla Hicks; Maria Elena Montero; Melinda Zepeda; Mayrenes Figuereo; Sydney Valerio; Carmen Inguanzo; Mercy Tullis-Bukhari; Angela Abreu; Margarita Dager-Uscocovich; Natalie N. Caro; Lauren Scharhag; Paula Ramirez; and Raquel I. Penzo.

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