About Meechie

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzI’m just an Afro-Latina hippie from Takoma Park, Maryland.

I’m just the daughter of the kindest man ever and the fiercest Pisces woman who ever breathed on land.

I’m just the mother of the most incredible blessing I’ll ever receive.

I’m just the one who is forever grateful for the gift of writing.

I’m just the one whose cousins nicknamed her, Meechie.

I’m just Meechie, with a blog.

Every month, I send a letter to my subscribers, Meechie Mail.  They started as hand-written letters, until my cousin complained about my uber-beautiful handwriting; and, my subscriber list became too long for me to handwrite all the letters (blessings DO come in disguise).

Meechie Mail does two of many things for me:  1) keeps me in a writing discipline; and, 2) heals me over and over and over, again.

My blog is an extension of Meechie Mail and my writing.

So, please read as much as you want and write back as much as you’d like.

There are a few Meechie Mail letters posted, but if you want to subscribe to Meechie Mail, please go to the ‘Contact’ button and send me your full name and either mailing or email address.

See you in print!