Step Through

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Hey, You …


Did you know birds of prey, raptors – Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, Owls – don’t hunt for sport?  Unless they are captive and used for falconry, raptors use their energy to hunt and to kill for three very specific purposes:  to eat; to protect their young; to protect their territory.

Did you know most raptors don’t target anything they can’t carry away?[1]  I’ve had some neighbors ask me about their outdoor cats because we live in an area with a healthy population of Red-Shouldered Hawks.  Injury from a zealous young hawk … maaaaybe (with twisted mouth and nose, right eye squinted half-shut).   Hunt, kill and carry away your cat … no, boo.

What a wonderful metaphor for us primitive humans.

With all of our webinars, books, podcasts and everything in between about how you’re living your life wrong, upside down, out of sync, out of balance, out of touch.  With all of our mindfulness, and all of our studying and investigation.  All of our knowledge and all of our (self-proclaimed) wisdom and expertise.

Two simple lessons from the masters of efficiency, my beloved birds.  

Don’t waste your energy on what doesn’t serve you.

Don’t take more than you can carry.

And, oh … you are so long-suffering.  E-ver-y-body has your back.  Even every inanimate object you’ve personified – like your credit card and your key fob(s), who work together to extend grace and understanding[2]  – help you in all these life trepidations thrown at you by the enemy.


Don’t waste your energy on what doesn’t serve you.

Don’t take more than you can carry.

But Meechie, you say … The strength of my faith gives me the energy to carry more than I can bear.  The god of my understanding removes these burdens from my soul.

Exactly …  even the god of your understanding can see yo ass is wasting energy on what is not serving you and you tried to lift more than you can carry.  So, s/he took it away.

I know some of us are professional victims who are holding on to a weight we:  1) cannot eat; 2) is not our child; 3) is not our territory; and, 4) we cannot carry away.

I know we are determined to carry it, complaining to everyone and anyone who will listen, with what has now become a script, with pain as the main character.  And then he … and then she … and then … and then … and then …

We have become so immersed in the task of carrying what doesn’t belong to us and expending energy outside ourselves; we forgot two basic principles of honoring our whole selves, our wellness, our contribution to our communities.  Because, listen, if we’re too busy struggling and hobbling to hold on to trash not belonging to us, we are no use to anyone or to anything else.

Don’t waste your energy on what doesn’t serve you.

Don’t take more than you can carry.

Me too!

There are things I have to unlearn, too.

The weight of broken relationships; regrets; mistakes; shame; guilt.  I have it, too.

But I can tell you I’ve learned, and am putting in to practice more and more, every day, to make like a raptor.

Identify – Assess – Attack – Stop.

If I succeed, sometimes the victory is my own.  I don’t need an audience.

If I fail, I will try again.  Maybe I have to reassess.  But I will try again. 

After all, they aren’t called birds of prey for no reason. 

Step through like a raptor, y’all.

Don’t waste your energy on what doesn’t serve you.

Don’t take more than you can carry.



[1] There are exceptions; for example, Harris’ Hawks hunt in packs, like wolves; and, Golden Eagles will ‘chase’ a mountain goat off a mountain to its death, then feed from the ground.  Really interesting.  Google it, boo.

[2] #eyeroll

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