I Am The Line

Friday, January 22, 2021


Hey, You …

Yesterday, as I walked to one of my Happy Places, preparing to sit and meditate for a while, an image flashed in my mind of a fisherman casting a line.

I let the image stay for a bit.  In fact, it became part of my meditation, as I pictured over and over a line cast, then drawn back, cast then drawn back.

I began to think about my life, my energy, my light, in the same way.

I am the line.

Y’all already know I’m not a super religious girl, but I know there is something greater than me.

The fisherman is the God of My Understanding, and all of my ancestors, and everyone who loves me (and even all the people who don’t, because haters are motivating).

I know there is something pulling me back to love and peace and joy when I cast myself too far. 

Whenever my living exceeds my resources of light and love, something has to get recoiled back to a source of compassion and truth.   I have to come back to myself and to all my sources of strength before I’m ready to go out, again.

And, y’all also know I don’t set new year resolutions … because we too easily become the mental success or failure of the doggone resolution.

But I have to tell you it gave me a deep sense of joy and peace to be the line, in those moments, meditating at my Happy Place with the stream running and my people singing to me.  I couldn’t help but feel gratitude at bringing in the new year being cast far … very far.

So, I’m going to make a deliberate effort to stay close to my fishermen – my fisherpersons 😊. 

Because what I know for sure is … I was born to be cast far.  Very far.

I am the line.

Happy new year.  



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