Sunday, December 27, 2020

12:40 PM

Hey, You …

One of my favorite artists, Jason Mraz, has a stanza in one of my favorite songs, Sunshine Song, summing up my 2020 …

You should look as good as your outlook,
Would you mind if I took some time,
to soak up your light, your beautiful light?
You’ve got a paradise inside.

I get hungry for love and thirsty for life,
And much too full on the pain,
When I look to the sky to help me
And sometimes it looks like rain.

Yes, this year has been high and low and exhilarating and tough and hopeful and scary … at once.

I want to share I reflect on my own personal growth by the ways I manage those things outside “the lines.”  The highs and the lows.  How did I respond?  Did I react out of fear, insecurity, my own toxic patterns? Or, did I respond with love, understanding, grace and forgiveness.

And, I got a lot of practice this year.  😊

Of course, I didn’t always exercise love and grace.  I didn’t always shine with the abundance of joy I know I have inside.  I am human. 

As I come to the end of this year though, what I feel is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to have been extended blessings, in every opportunity – even those that hurt – to look as good as my outlook.

Coming to the close of a year where I met some beautiful people, expanded and explored what feeds my soul, and let go of people and things that don’t … I can only be grateful.

My hope for me, and for you, is to be at a place, or come to a place where your own reflection is loving.  It sounds all warm and gushy, I know, but it’s real. 

It’s a real thing to look at yourself, your actions, your words, your deeds and misdeeds, and still feel blessed.  In fact, I’ve added this to my daily I AMs … I am a collection of blessings.

My hope for me, and for you, is for us to stay in relationship.  If I owe you an apology, please accept it from every fiber of my being.  If you owe me one, it is accepted.  And, listen, we know with whom and how and why we’re wrong.  Move in love and with integrity.

I know I’m not perfect.  In fact, I am perfectly flawed, resulting in the architecture that is me.

My life is an every day exercise to love her.  To stay in love with her beautiful light and her paradise inside.  To share joy and love, while not depleting hers.

To fall in love with her reflection every day, over and over and over, again.

No matter what.

My hope for you is you do the same.

I hope you enter in to the new year in love.

And, I hope you and your blessings continue to grow.



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