Time To Fly

Monday, June 15, 2020
9:38 PM

Hey, You …

There is danger near.

First, you hear the Crows and their alarm. Then suddenly a swarm of black angels are diving through and around and under and over the trees. The wind is struggling to keep up with them.

Then the Blue Jays join the chorus with their unmistakable complaints. Every call louder than the one before. Every bird louder than the one before.

Crows and Blue Jays in solidarity, when usually they don’t play so nicely together.

There is a threat nearby.

Something from either the supplications of the Crows or the hollering of the Blue Jays cues all the songbirds.

Me, the selfish observer, poised on a rock to capture the next perch or the next flight … I sit in awe watching this mini-migration to some treetop not far away.

There is a predator close.

Every voice, every body, every energy, every one, goes to where the danger is. Foes are now friendly. Purpose is clear and action is innate, organic … there is only one thing all of them are engaged to do … eliminate the threat.

It’s my time – maybe yours too – to take flight and to join the songbirds.

I told you in November 2016, and again in February of this year,

Yes, I’d been asleep the whole time. Lulled into daydreams and distracted by free and pretty things. Pretty opportunities. Pretty education. Pretty salaries. All of them dotted lavender oil on my pillow, intoxicating me with sleep.

Because when I was asleep, my eyes were closed. And when my eyes were closed, I was inactive, and indifferent, and ineffective, and stuck where I was even after running for miles and miles and miles until everything hurt.

I hear Crows and Blue Jays calling.

They woke me up, in fact.

Do you hear them?

I see all of the songbirds rushing to where the danger has landed, where the threat has perched.

Do you see them?

Every voice, every body, every energy, every one, together.

Fighting. Hollering.

Changing their environment.

Addressing the danger.

I must take flight too, and join them.

I must.

I hope I see you there.


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