Don’t Sleep

Monday, February 24, 2020


Hey, You …

There are two facts I need to state first:  1)  I teach an early morning yoga class on Sundays at 7:15 a.m.; and, 2)  February is Black History Month. 

February is Black History Month.

February is Black History Month.

The entire month of February is Black History Month.

All other facts don’t matter.

And, it took one tone-deaf, clueless sentence to remind me.

Because I’m guilty.

I’ve written to you about this before.

On November 15, 2016, after the election, I told you:

Yes, I’d been asleep the whole time.   Lulled into daydreams and distracted by free and pretty things.  Pretty opportunities.  Pretty education.  Pretty salaries.  All of them dotted lavender oil on my pillow, intoxicating me with sleep. 

Because when I was asleep, my eyes were closed.  And when my eyes were closed, I was inactive, and indifferent, and ineffective, and stuck where I was even after running for miles and miles and miles until everything hurt.

Even after I’d recognized my own sleep apnea, I fell asleep, again.

This time, behind the guise of mindfulness, surrounded by “woke” people who hold everything in light and in love.  #hardeyeroll

The same people who forgot it was Black History Month.  And then, so wokefully said they “missed the boat” and it was too late for any kind of social promotion … on February 12th.

Remember … the entire month is Black History Month.

So, I planned a Black History Month-themed class.  I had the playlist ready.  I had the sequences beautifully woven together.  I even had a list of famous yogis of color ready to reference for inspiration.

And, I sat there in the studio, in siddhasana, listening to Celia, and slowly came back from sleep, again.  And am still learning to stay awake, at all times.  I am still learning what my best expression of resistance is or will be.

Until then, I have to remember every day is Black History Month.  Every molecule, every breath, every action of my existence is Black History Month, with or without an audience.

All other facts don’t matter.

The amazing Eartha Kitt in Peacock Pose.



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