2020 Vision

Saturday, January 18, 2020


Hey, You …

I wear contacts and glasses.  I am near-sighted, which means I have trouble with my distance vision.  As I’m getting more, ahem, seasoned … the distance is becoming shorter and shorter. 

To complicate things, my left eye features astigmatism, a fairly common disorder causing blurry vision.

Ever since I’ve had to wear corrective lenses of any kind, my prescription each year is usually progressively stronger, even if by just a little.  In other words, my vision has consistently gotten a little worse every year.  This is the normal arc of anyone who needs correction to 20/20 vision.

This year when I went for my annual eye exam, something remarkable happened … my vision actually got a little better.  I was surprised.  Actually, I was a little elated inside.

The doctor said it was a little unusual, but not rare, for this to happen; and, my vision will probably begin to “level” out, and stay at the same prescription now for the foreseeable future.

Given the challenges I was served in the final months of 2019, I couldn’t help but see this (no pun intended) as a metaphor for my life, for my approach to my life, my thinking.

My vision got better.

My vision grew better.

My vision is better than before as I march in to 2020.

How could I ever miss the symbolism.

There’s a cue in yoga, especially for more challenging, balancing poses I give my students:   Where the eyes go the body follows.

This encourages my yogis to keep their eyes lifted, focused forward, steady on strength, on grace, on self-reliance.

My eyes are better and so the body will follow.

My vision is stronger and so the spirit will follow.

My vision is better as I welcome this new year.

That left eye is still working with her astigmatism, but she’s found a way to tap in to some strength and hold hands with the weakness, to close the distance on far away things.

I am better than I was before. 

I am stronger than I was before. 

And my vision is the proof.

What is your vision looking like?

Happy new year.  




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