All Hail

Monday, December 16, 2019


Hey, You …

I always obsess about what to write at two times:  the beginning of the year; and, the end of the year.

At the end of this year I’ve been obsessing, it seems, more than ever, as I’ve faced some challenges, realized some successes and, as life goes, everything in between, too.  So, what should I write about?

I was at dinner with my cousin, Alberto, and we were talking about the DRIVEN CHRONICLES I’m working on, a compilation of micro-essays and illustrations influenced by my bus rides.

My very first subject, the one who motivated me to produce the project, was an embodiment of everything a Queen is/should be.  Everything about her screamed royalty, dignity, majesty.  I’ve told you about her before in that it matters who carries you to where you’re going.

So, I’m going on and on about the Queen … she this … and … she that … when Alberto said, “You are the Queen.  Write about yourself.  Be the Queen.”

I was stunned, y’all.

Truth is, I always feel I’m writing about me.  Things I’ve seen, felt, heard, spoken, touched.

When Alberto challenged me to be the Queen, I was suddenly at a loss for words.

It’s not foreign to me to celebrate my successes.  I know how to tune it to spirit and find peace.  I know how to discern what to embroil my energy in, and not.  I am practiced in filtering my intention from my words from my mouth.  I am expert in reigning in my Aries spirit when its expression will bring me karma I don’t want. 

I am a force a nature.

I am magnificent.

I am here.  I am whole.  I am loved.

But, I have never stood in front of myself and unapologetically, emphatically, called myself a Queen.

I promise you I will spend many of the rest of my words figuring out why and learning to own this …

I am a Queen.

I am a Queen.

I.  AM.  A. QUEEN.

I am a Queen.

And so are you.

Time for our reign, baby.

Happy new year.



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