Carry Me, Please

Last week, I was blessed with two incredible experiences on public transit on my way to work.

At the top of the week, a sistah with a head wrap, almost as tall as the roof of the bus (I’m certainly exaggerating, but makes for good copy.  I digress.), greeted me as I got on, “Good morning,” she said, very simply, very quietly.  But her presence and her strength extended beyond her words and beyond the seat she was in. 

I smiled because my soul was immediately happy to see her and to be in her presence.  “I got you,”  is what I read from her.  She was a Queen.  With her head wrap on, nails to match, all black, and dark, dark glasses on, with huge gold hoops almost grazing her shoulders.  She blessed me with everything she was that morning, and I hope to see her again, soon.

At the end of the week, it was a King’s turn.  I was blessed to witness the driver on the bus fist-bumping all the young people who got on.  He had given me a super warm, “Good morning,” when I got on, and I just thought maybe my acupuncture had some effect on my attractiveness (because I’m vain like that). 

But, I quickly saw this man was a warm, generous soul who went beyond his duty just to give those kids a little love as they started their day.  Who knows what they face at school?  I certainly hated every minute of high school, for a lot of reasons, but now the good and the bad are exponential in breadth and intensity — bullying, drugs, accomplishment, failure.  Maybe it changes the day of one of those kids to know that at least one adult takes the time to look them in the face, say hello, and give them a little fist-bump. 

When I commended the driver on it, he very humbly said, “Oh, it’s just my job.”  But it’s not.  He’s a hero.  He’s a King.

All of this brings me to my Word On Wednesday.


The old skool folks say carry to mean travel, specifically, being taken somewhere.  Ex.:  Carry me home, please.  I need someone to carry me to the store. This Queen and King last week reminded me of something: 

It matters who we allow to carry us to where we are going.

Imagine if that Queen greeted me with a vitriolic spirit … how would my day have been different.  What energy would I have had to use to counter negativity?  Instead, I got royalty, strength, poise, and Black Girl Magic.

And, I know those kids miss that King on the days he’s not driving .  Imagine if he ignored them.  Didn’t acknowledge them at all.  How would their day be different if they couldn’t count on at least one person so interested, so happy about their presence that he gives them a little fist-bump.  There is one kid in that bunch who really, really needs that, I would bet on that.

It matters who we allow to carry us to where we are going.

It matters how we carry ourselves to where we are going.

It matters how we carry others — loved ones, liked ones, not-so-loved ones, strangers — on their journey.

Carry love always.  Everywhere.  In everything you do.


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